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Departures 13:00PM or 6:00PM

Throughout 4 hours with us on the back of the scooter and get into alleyways, we will try 6 real tasty Vietnamese dishes at 6 local places in 6 districts where are locals’ favorite areas. Enjoy the best view of Saigon after dark with sparkling lights and colorful buildings along Saigon River. You will have a chance to make one of the dishes by yourself, visit decorated colorful streets. It is a passion for a delicious and happy lifestyle on a 4-hour trip.



Departures 6:00PM

Immerse yourself in the 4,5-hour culture trip with the tipsy feeling of Vietnamese beer on the best rooftop bar, the relaxation with foot massage by skilled therapists\' hands, mouthwatering best local dishes and of course the tuneful melodies of music at music bar, especially, experience on the back of the scooter.



Departures 1:00PM or 5:30PM

All vegetarian and vegan food stalls are chosen by the heart (and taste!) of local guides. It is a passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle in a 4 hour tour. Enjoy the vegan fun in Ho Chi Minh City without the meat!



Departures 5:30PM

[NIGHTLIFE AND FOODS] Stunning View on the Rooftop Bar and Thu Thiem Bridge, Excited Feeling of Thu Thiem Tunnel by Riding Though and Join Busy Traffic like locals, Unseen Activities and Markets in Hidden Alleyways, 2 Traditional Vietnamese Foods, See Five Colorful Districts and Saigon River in a 4 hour tour



Departures 8:00AM or 1:00PM

Discover city highlights in an unique way without car windows in a 4 hour tour. A fun ride on the back of the scooter to visit main attractions: War Museum, Central Post Office, Notre-Dame Catheral, Jade Emperor Pagoda ...



Departures 08:00 AM or 1:00 PM

This 4,5 scooter tour will give you an opportunity to taste delicious Vietnamese foods, touch Hidden Local Gems and admire Spectacular Landmarks



Departures 7:30AM

Let us carry you off the beaten track over zigzagging trails that take you through charming villages, historical rubber plantations and picturesque rice paddies on the back of the scooter to the tunnels in a 7 hour tour



Departures 8:00AM or 1:00PM

Get on the back of the scooter and feel like a local, be a part of the city in a 4-hour tour!!!



Departures Anytime

Let us grow your idea to make it a reality



Departures 8:00AM or 1:30PM

[HALF DAY BY CAR] Visit all the famous attractions by car: Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Basilica, Central Post Office, Jade Emperor Temple, and Ben Thanh Market, Taste Vietnamese Coffee



Departures 8:00 AM

This is the best tours for those who want to do homestay, to see more insight of Mekong Delta. Staying with locals, cooking and eating together and discovering the real life of people in Mekong Delta.



Departures 7:00 AM

A combination of two tours together. This tour is specially designed for those who do not have much time in Saigon



Departures 8:00 AM

Find a great tour with excellent service, this is for you with the best price. You can see everything of the city (mains and unseen sights) in a day



Departures 8:00 AM

How to explore the beauty of the Mekong River Mekong? Let me show you the beauty of Mekong River with Mekong Delta Tour 2 Days, you will be supprised about that.



Departures 8:00 AM

This tour will bring you to Ben Tre city - authentic place only and have real experience about local life of people living at Mekong River



Departures 8:00AM or 1:00PM

Visitors will arrive Cu Chi tunnels after a drive of 1,5 hours. Our tour guide will give you an overview introduction of Cu Chi and its legendary history. A documentary film about the tunnels will explain you about the tunnels histories and how fierce the war was in the area. You will be guided to the tunnels system including the weapon factory, hospitals, kitchens and crawl under the tunnels.



Departures Contact us

A safe, comfortable, cheap Saigon Airport pick up service is EXACTLY what the city needs to ensure visitors at least start with a positive experience and good impression when they arrive Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City. On time, friendly driver and private car promised. See you soon!



Departures 8:00AM or 10:00AM or 1:00PM

This tour allows you to take in the local sights, main sights, best foods, sounds and smells of Ho Chi Minh City without the barrier of car windows in a 4-hour cyclo tour



Departures 8:00AM or 10:00AM or 1:00PM

This tour allows you to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Ho Chi Minh City without the barrier of car windows in a 3 hour tour



Departures 4:00 PM

20 Dishes In An Evening in a 5 hour tour. Why Not?



Departures 4:00PM

Wanna Taste 8 Best Local Vietnamese Foods by walking from neighborhood to neighborhood in a 4 hour tour

tripadvisor reviews

  • Saigon Cyclo tour

    HenryBalfour from New Zealand

    This is a three hour tour, and goes in daylight. For safety, these cyclos do not tour at night they have no running lights. Traffic is chaos, but actually there are spaces in the flow and everyone knows what to do with them. I saw wonderful examples of brownian motion in vehicle movements. Pedestrains walk amongst the vehicles, and proved you walk steady and make no sudden course changes, all will be well.

    We were hosted by delightful Mr Lam, from Team A Cyclo .... very good at personal relations, very well versed in his city attractions. I liked his excellent attitude.

    The cyclo is a relic of a colonial past... they have them in Indonesia too, and Evie was keen to give the tour a burl.... Five of us in the party, five skinny, elderly, ragged guys tuned up with their machines.... the cyclos are heavily repaired, but well looked after. The exertion of moving large foreign bodies (see what I did there?) around in the Vietnamese heat is considerable, and the old guys kept up a steady pace. We toured around with our young English speaking guide on his motorcycle, who would pop up at the various stops and give us excellent detailed information on each one. Hi Lam !

    There was a coffee break at a good cafe, there were plenty of eye candy at the Flower Markets, we saw all kinds of sites and marveled at the busy street scenes .. it was fantastic! Highlight for me was the Chinese temple - this place soothed me.

    We were out for longer than contracted which was a bonus. Lam was delightful. The old guys did sterling service and we tipped them well. I garnered my Vietnamese rapper name on this tour, becoming known as Mr Five Sacks (I weigh the same as five 25Kg sacks of rice).

    This cyclo tour was a huge success, and Saigon Adventure deserve your custom as well - they try extremely hard to satisfy their customers and have worked to make their tours excellent value. Get with them and choose one you fancy.

  • Sightseeing Ho Chi Minh by Scooter with Saigon Adventure Tours

    eleniakelly from Tel Aviv, Israel

    When I planned my trip to Vietnam I wanted to give my teenage kids a fun adventure filled with thrills with their mum. Well we did it all! Totally loved Vietnam! Ho Chi Minh was amazing and finding Saigon Adventure Tours was our luck. They were very professional and all my emails and questions were answered very quickly by the delightful Lieu .I was very excited but bit apprehensive about my decision to go by scooter because of my kids when I saw the traffic, but we were lead by a great guide Sony and his lovely colleagues Kris, Nhat, Nu and Racheal. They handled the roads very professionally and I felt totally at ease after 2 minutes sitting on the back. Like I'd been doing this all my life!

    We also took Saigon Adventure Tours to Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta and had a great day with their tour guide Ryan. I highly recommend this company. They were all extremely sweet and fun tour guides who gave us great memories to go home with.

  • Cuchi tunnel/Mekong delta and HCM Wight seeing: Super tours

    _joke_hos74 from Assendelft, The Netherlands

    We (my wife, I and 3 kids 14, 12 and 10 yrs old) did two tours with Saigon tours and both of them were great.

    The first one was a combined Cu Chi tunnel / Mekong delta Visit ( My Tho) taking a full day; pick up at 7:30am and back in the hotel 6:00 pm. The tour was guided by Daisy and Ryan, both being extremely friendly and nice young students, They are ambitious and enthusiastic young people which is really heart warming to experience. To visit both Cu Chi and Mekong in one day we felt, worked out well for us. We spent like 2 hours in Cu Chi and something like that in Mekong delta too. Although it means you cannot “take all the time of the world”, it was good enough for us. The place where we had lunch was great, beautiful garden and delicious food.

    Second tour was a city sight tour on the back seat of a scooter, taking half a day, pick-up at 1:00pm and back in the hotel 6:00pm. This was super fun and although we were a little nervous before because of the hectic traffic in HCM, we felt 100% safe during the whole trip. Our guide and scooter drivers (Sophie, Kris, Thuyen, Chong and Trung) again were really lovely and super nice young people. All students and ambitious and they were really eager to provide us good fun and a great experience. our kids loved them! The tour was also nice. Taking part of the hectic traffic on the backseat of a scooter is an experience on itself. Besides that it was an excellent way to get to know HCM a little bit and get an idea of where the nice spots are.

    All together our conclusions is that Saigon Adventure provides great tours and can be proud to have young people as guides as we were lucky enough to have on our tours.


    Road814424 from Brisbane

    I was a young man during the 1960's in Australia so I was very interested in learning more about the war in Vietnam from a local perspective. So I booked the Cu Chi Tunnels tour with Saigon Adventures and my personal guide Michael (Minh Kha Tran) took me on an amazing 70km ride through the streets of HCMC and countryside to the tunnels. I felt safe and relaxed in Michael's company, he was very obliging and I learnt so much about the war, the history and culture of Vietnam and its people. The tunnel system and the resourcefulness of the people who built and occupied them was so fascinating. I would recommend this tour with this company and especially with Michael to anyone visiting incredible HCM.


    tim0harm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Jenny and Dennis were wonderful guides! We ate way too much delicious food. The variety was excellent, including a few dishes we had never tried despite traveling previously in Vietnam. It was also very engaging, at we had a few opportunities to cook things ourselves. In addition to the food, we walked through some cool neighborhoods and a beautiful flower market -- things we never would have seen on our own. Riding by motorbike gives a great opportunity to see the city in a new way.

    One small thing to mention: if you are vegan and particularly squeamish about cross-contamination, be aware that some of the stops are not vegetarian and the dishes are cooked alongside meat. We appreciated this as it gave us a chance to eat at truly local spots.

    This was our favorite part of our trip to Saigon! Would highly recommend.

  • Know Saigon better when u are on scooter (FOODS & SIGHTS)

    Patcharee from Bangkok

    I don’t expect so much things on this tour.
    When I see a small girl, named Michelle with a scooter, I felt excited! I was not sure that she can ride a scooter smoothly.


    I was wrong, she did a great jobs!. I had a fun day with her. She took me to many places and local food shops. The food was very nice! Bun Bo Bun Xiao are great.
    She took me to the old apartment to see a real life of local people. I see Vietnamese in different way, they live together (3 generations),in a small room. OMG!


    Thank you to Michelle, she is only 20 but very fantastic!
    Hope I meet u again in Saigon !


  • Saigon After Dark by scooter

    Shujaulhaq from Karachi, Pakistan

    I took this tour with Peter on my last day in Vietnam and it was the perfect end to my 10 day trip. Peter is such a friendly and accommodating guy, we became best buddies the moment we met. He is a true local who knows all the best places in town and surely knows how to keep you entertained.

    I was quite tired after a long day tour and was looking for a relaxing city tour where I can enjoy the sights and sound of this sprawling city in a most authentic yet relaxing way. Peter first took me to Chill Sky bar where we enjoyed the drinks overlooking the city skyline. He then took me to various districts of the city stopping along the way for delicious local food :) He even took me to the desert shop only locals knew about (there was no tourists around). A big thank you to Saigon adventures for arranging such a great city tour and giving me a friend for life.

  • Street food tour with Saigon Adventures

    Phobulous from London

    I was recommended Saigon adventures through a friend and planned the tour in Ho Chi Minh towards the end of our trip. I wish we did it at the beginning as it was such an eye-opener to see how big the city is and all the places you could visit.

    The Street food tour we booked was to visit local places that would be hard to find as a tourist which had excellent food. Our guides, Sunny, Trinh, Hieu and Tall were very friendly and knowledgeable about the foods we ate as well as the history and made it a super fun and an informative evening. It was a great experience to ride on the back of motorbikes and hang out with the locals. I highly recommend anyone visiting Vietnam to do this tour!

  • Vegan food tour with Kat and Sophie

    Emily G

    We were picked up from our hotel by Kat and Sophie who explained the plan of the tour and checked that we were comfortable on scooters.

    We went around the city to different districts trying vegan foods. The girls were very knowledgeable about the food telling us about the ingredients and how to eat them. They constantly checked what we could and couldn't eat and made sure we had options to choose from. They were helpful in teaching us phrases to help us get vegetarian food for the remainder of our trip in Vietnam.

    They were really enthusiastic and fun to be around. We really enjoyed our trip and would advise anyone to join this tour. At the end Kat surprised us with two flowers that she had sneakily purchased when we were at the flower market.

  • The best choice to visit Cu Chi Tunnel!

    Eleonora D

    Me and my boyfriend had a private tour to Cu Chi Tunnel with this company. Everything was really well-organized. We had Henry as a guide and he was simply wonderful with us. He explained us everything about the tunnels and the war, he offered to make pictures of us and answered all our questions. This was one of the most beautiful experience we had in Vietnam and we thank very much Henry for making it so special!

  • Food Safari

    Joleene from London

    We really enjoyed our food safari with Kathy on our first night in Saigon. this was a walking tour that took us through a number of different districts we were able to see how the locals live as well as try 20 different dishes throughout the course of the evening, most of which were new to us.......we were stuffed!! it was a great intro to the city learning how to navigate the streets and cross the roads confidently whilst being able to experience many sights, smells and tastes. I would highly reccomend this tour, it was very enjoyable and tasty.