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Saigon Street Food Tour (FOOD & SCOOTER)

TIME: Departures 1:00PM , 6:00PM
TRANSPORTATION: Group tour, Motorbike,
OPTIONAL SERVICES: Private Tour add $10 per person
or 1,012,500VND


Welcome to visit Saigon Adventure Tour, let me show you how the  best saigon street food you can receive.

During the 40's, the U.S. had supported the Viet Minh against the Japanese. During the 50's, they supported the French against all rebels. During the 60's, the United States defended South Vietnam against incursions from the Communist North. On April 30th, 1975, however, the U.S. ended all involvement in Vietnam, and the Viet Minh took Saigon, renaming it Ho Chi Minh City in 1976 (Source: Wiki)

Throughout the night, try a variety of dishes and drinks at 5 local restaurants and sample Saigon's best authentic street food. You will be accompanied by a personal tour guide who is a huge food-lover having an absolute passion for culture and lifestyle of Saigoneers. Of course, you will have a chance to cook Vietnamese food for yourself. This tour is a great combination of good food and interesting conversations about cuisine and life.

*** On the way to the street food area, being at the back of the motorbike, we will visit the monument of Thich Quang Duc statue. Tour guide will tell you the story about this monk who burnt himself because of some strict rules in Vietnam and help you to understand how Vietnamese history was in that year – 1963.

*** Then stop at a famous local restaurant for enjoying beef noodles soup – a kind of noodle soup originated from the Central of Vietnam, and sugarcane juice – a beverage which is sweet naturally from sugarcane mixed with some kumquat to balance the taste, betel leaf wrapped around beef – one of the most popular dish in Vietnam with an attractive taste and smell.

*** After that, we will drive you to Nguyen Thien Thuat street, one of the most famous street food areas in Saigon with the considerable diversity in the style of the cuisine and local culture. This place is the integrated one which has lots of the residents from many parts of Vietnam to come here and live for a long time, that’s the reason why its cuisine is really fascinating and diverse. We will take a short walk to explore and understand more about the lifestyle of local people, the history, as well as many other stories about this building.

*** We continue on driving to the biggest flower market in Saigon. Almost all kinds of flowers which are sold here are from all parts of Vietnam and this market also the famous wholesale one of Ho Chi Minh City. Over here you will learn how to make a Vietnamese rice pancake and steamed rice rolls. We walk through Cambodian Market and taste the Vietnamese Pizza.

*** After that we will drive to district 10 to try the most famous street food in Vietnam – Banh My – This food is listed as #1 street food that Vietnamese people eat almost everyday because it is very convenient and we can see every corner in Vietnam.

*** Then we will drive you pass by Nguyen Trai street located in district 5 where is famous for hundreds of fashion shops along the street – you will see how busy this street is in the night time. Driving over Nguyen Van Cu Bridge to come to look at the Saigon River and some stilt houses along and enjoy the fresh cool breeze from the river and quiet peaceful moment away from the busy pace of the city.

*** The next stop is district 4 – which is also known as the smallest district in Saigon and it’s a small island surrounded by Saigon River. It has been a place for immigrants from all regions of Vietnam to come and living. It leads to the diversity in characteristic of the populations and cultural region as well. You will feel as staying in the food paradise with a unique culture experience and have a chance to pass the most famous place for Saigon people to have a good time with friends and family at night.

*** The last stop is at the buffet flan cakes for desert. We will also have to to chat and share the local stories to you to help you understand more about life of people in Vietnam as well as  vietnamese street food tour .

*** Finishing the tour and driving back to your hotel. Our friendly driver will say good night and put more happy smiles on you.

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  • Learn how to make a Vietnamese rice pancake and steamed rice rolls
  • Enjoy special fresh spring roll or Bo La Lot (Beef wrapped in betel leaf)
  • Visit the famous old apartment and street food area (Nguyen Thien Thuat) - Walking around to see local life, try local food.
  • Walking into the biggest flower market - District 10
  • See how to make a Vietnamese Pizza or Mixed rice paper
  • The fashion street in District 5 
  • The slum area - see another life of local people
  • District 4 - The smallest district in Saigon and the most famous for street food 
  • A delicious flan cake for desert

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You will have 6 different foods, drinks, and desert:

  • Banh cuon: Steamed rice rolls
  • Banh xeo: Rice pancake 
  • Noodle soup with beef or pork ( different styles like Bun Bo Hue or Hu tiu or Bo Kho or Pho bo if you have never tried Pho or you want to have it again with us )
  • Banh my - Vietnamese baguette
  • Two more dishes could be fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese pizza, mixed rice paper, grilled banana with sticky rice, banh tam bi, banh ich tran... It's up to the date and our guides
  • Dessert with delicious flan cake or other as you want at the same place.

Please note that for the morning tour (8:00 AM) and afternoon tour (1:00 PM) , Our menu can be changed because some of the foods stalls listed above are not open for sell yet. But we will make sure you still have 6 dishes, 3 drinks, and dessert as promised. 

We try to serve you street food dishes that you have never had a chance to taste if you are not Vietnamese local people. Moreover, different from most other food tours, we also will not order any weird cuisines such as: insects, bugs, raw foods, jungle animal foods or pet foods.

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Vietname Street Food.on Media

Not only did President Barack Obama sample some of Vietnam's finest local eats in Hanoi, but his guide was none other than "Parts Unknown" host Anthony Bourdain.
"There is no better place to entertain the leader of the free world, in my opinion, than one of these classic, funky family-run noodle shops you find all over Hanoi," says Bourdain. "Dinner and a beer costs about $6. I'm guessing the President doesn't get a lot of state dinners like this.". You can read more about Vietname street food.on CNN.

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  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off (District 1, 3 - some exclusion apply)
  • High quality open-faced helmet
  • All food and drinks, motorbike, fuel
  • Pictures from your trip (email to you later)
  • Rain poncho (if needed)
  • Friendly and professional guides
  • Accident insurance
  • ... and lots of smiles


Saigon Street Food Tour
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