Donna J

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Best Adventure on our SE Asia Trip

Tour Guide: Sunny and Patrick   |   Visited: February 2017

My husband and I did the Street Food Tour on motorbikes while in Saigon. Sunny and Patrick were our guides and they were the best!! I was very nervous about being in that horrible Saigon traffic but they were both excellent, safe drivers. They also had very good English. During the 4 hour tour we went to 6 different street food vendors and also the flower market. It happened to be Valentine's Day so the flower market was very active!! After about stop number 4 or 5 I asked for a restroom. At first Sunny was stumped but then he said we could just stop at his house because it was on the way to our next stop. And that's exactly what we did! Such generosity really warmed my heart. It was also very interesting to see the home and neighborhood where Sunny had grown up. All of the food was delicious and we even got to prepare some of it ourselves. The price seems a little high by Vietnam standards but it was definitely worth it! My husband and I will never forget it!


Kevin C

Fantastic Unique Experience!

Tour Guide: Thao, Fully, Yen and Ha |   Visited: February 2017

My friend and I booked this Saigon Adventure tour for the last night of our trip to Ho Chi Minh City. (Saigon is the old name of Ho Chi Min City) Each guest sit on the back seat of a scooter with a guide driver while forming a group of team with another two or three guests and their drivers. Drivers took us to 6 or 7 local food restaurants and kiosks that travelers will be unable to experience on their own. All foods were fantastic and delicious. Our group drivers Thao, Fully, Yen and Ha were so friendly and made our time so amusing throughout entire hours which last about 4 hours.. Riding a scooter on Saigon streets was really fun experience and was not dangerous at all as the drivers were so carefully guiding all such small streets. All driver's English level were very good enough to communicate and I did not have any problem at all. I strongly recommend Saigon Adventure if you experience real people and city of Saigon. The trip was a worth of money. Don't forget giving enough tips to the drivers at the end .


Henry M

United States

Where Can I Sign Up For More

Tour Guide: Sophie, Sonny, Duy, and Ty|   Visited: January 2017

Arrived HCM this morning. Checked into Cinnamon Botique Hotel early afternoon and Jenny recommended this tour. My friend and I signed up with tour to commenced at 6 pm. As afternoon wore on we became tired, it looke liked rain, we were having serious second thoughts. But what the heck. So at 6 pm we were met by our guides Sophie, Sonny, Duy, and Ty. We were then joined by a very fun couple from Sweden. Thus began a most wonderful adventure. Our four guides had 125 cc motorbikes -- 4 of the 8 million such bikes in HCM. My guide was Duy. He graduated two days ago from the University with a degree in tourism management. He, as well as the other guides spoke great English. Skilled motorcycle drivers they took us down the main avenues, through narrow back alleys to little know places where we ate some of the most tasty food I have ever had. The enthusiasm of our guides was infectious. This was most wonderful evening. My recommendation to anyone who is not infirmed or obese who has only one night to spend in HCM is do this tour. Recommend that you ask for one of these four guides, my preference would be Duy, my guide, and my friend advises that you should use Sophie. But we are Elias in that they were our guides. I think that any of four would do a good job. Oh, and the food. . , until you have eaten rice paper pizza, or tried 7 types of flan, your palate is missing out on one of life's great experience. Book this tour.
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josh c

No better way to spend an evening!

Tour Guide: Tiny |   Visited: November 15, 2016

I had tour with a motorbike during my holiday tin Ho Chi Minh to celebrate new year there. I got tired walking around by myself and asked the hotel to book me a half day light tour that turned out to be an amazing journey to see all nice and historical places in Saigon. It started at 8 am, and done by lunch time..it's very convenient. Together with my other fellow world travellers from Switzerland, we were guided with Sunny and Ty (young handsome local tour guides) who really knows very unique places in Ho Chi Minh that only locals may know, including local flower markets. The tour was concluded by sipping vietnamese coffee in local ways. We took pictures a lot and we bonded well with our travel guides. Our travel guides really know how to make Ho Chi Minh become a very nice get away and amazing experience for world travellers. They also speak English very well, Sunny has just graduated from English department, and Ty is on his second semester in language. Sunny and Ty are also very friendly, helpful, energetic, tour guides and keep us laugh a lot during our tour. Time flies so fast with them. They kept us safe, they make sure that we have very authentic experiences and unique places in Ho Chi Minh that I capture to pictures and short videos. And when I share the pictures and videos through my facebook account, those pictures got a lot of likes from my friends. It is such an amazing experience!

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London, United Kingdom

Do not miss this opportunity!

Tour Guide: Tiny, Candy, Sandy, Gon and Nam|   Visited: December 2016

We hesitated doing this but after reading reviews decided to go for it on our last night. It proved to be one of the most memorable events of our pretty amazing trip. The guides: FANTASTIC. They literally are the definition of what a good host should be. They were friendly, really informative, showed us areas which we would have never been and made us feel comfortable and part of the vibrant scene of Saigon. All of the places we visited were really different and the guides seemed to know all of the proprietors, from the lady cooking outside her house to established restaurants.....and so we felt we got special treatment wherever we went. The thrill of buzzing through the city at night while also feeling completely safe and looked after was one of the great things about the night. We did it with our three teenagers and since the guides are all in their early 20's there was lots to talk about: from school to jobs to popular music...we had a wide ranging conversation and learned more about modern Vietnam than we could have any other way. Do it! You won't regret your decision...but pace yourself as I was totally stuffed by the end. Tiny, Candy, Sandy, Gon and Nam become friends to us by the end of the night and I wish them all well.

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