• In respect of person: 100,000,000VND / Person
  • In respect of baggage and personal effects: 10% of the insured amount for person.
  • Non-deductible (franchise): Assurance shall apply a non-deductible franchise when the total expenses under the Article 10.2 or the loss value of baggage and personal effects under the Article 12 of these Regulations shall only be or over  20 USD or 400.000 VND.


Policy No.





Article 1 Subject to the provisions provided in these Regulations, The Assurance Corporation undertakes to insure foreigners and Vietnamese residents who travel Vietnam (hereinafter called the Assured) include:

  1. Those who come to Vietnam for sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, attending international conference, seminar, congress, participating in sport and game competitions, artistic performances, going on a mission.
  2. Those who are residing in Vietnam such as experts, workers, students, those who are working in the diplomatic delegations and in the international organizations and when they are travelling within the territory of Vietnam.

In case the Assured engages in exploration, expedition, dangerous performance, cycling, motor-race, horse-race, boat-race, sports and games of professional nature as football and boxing matches, mountaineering, surf-riding... the Assured is only insured provided that additional premium required has been paid to Assurance as specified in the "Premium Tariff and Insured Amounts".

Article 2 the Assured who is insured under these Regulations shall still have the rights to enter into and enjoy other classes of insurance.


Article 3 Assurance shall within the scope of this insurance cover the Assured for the following risks:

  • Bodily injury or death caused by accident.
  • Illness or death not caused by accident during the period of insurance.

Within the meaning of these Regulations, an accident that has occurred, due to an external event, beyond the will of the Assured suddenly affects his body and is a proximate and direct cause of the death or bodily injury that the Assured suffers from.

  • Loss of or damage to accompanied baggage and personal effects reasonably attributable to the causes: fire, explosion, sinking, overturn, falling of means of conveyance.
  • Loss of package of checked baggage in the course of travel.

Article 4 Assurance shall not be liable for:

  1. Risks arising from the following direct causes:
  1. Wilful violation of law, regulations, rules of travel agency, of local authority at the place of travel, by the Assured.
  2. Wilful act of the Assured or his heir-at-law (person who is designated to receive the insured amount in the Certificate of Insurance or testament or under Law).
  3. The Assured is under the influence of alcohol, beer, intoxicating drugs, a narcotic or other stimulants and likewise.
  4. War
  1. Expenses incurred in accordance with the Article 10.2 in the following cases:
  1. The Assured falls ill with mental disease or is pregnant (except in case of miscarriage consequent upon accident), or gives birth.
  2. The Assured is going to treat for wound or illness already before this assurance comes into force.
  3. Treatment or use of medicines or drugs not in accordance with the prescription of the treatment physician, by the Assured.
  1. Loss or damage in accordance with the Article 12 below in respect of:
  1. Gold, silver, gem-stone, precious metals, cash, travel check, bonds and securities equivalent thereto, passport, driver's license, tickets, documents, drawings, designs.
  2. Scratched and wet thing without losing its function of use.
  3. Requisition seizure or confiscation by or under order of competent authority.



Article 5 Should the covered accident result in the Assured's death or permanent total disablement, Assurance shall pay the total insured amount mentioned in the Policy.

"Permanent Total Disablement" shall within the meaning of these Regulations included loss of one leg and one arm or loss of both legs or both arms or loss of sight of eyes. "Loss of limbs" means physical cutting off of a hand or a foot and total and irrecoverable loss of use of arm or leg.

Assurance shall pay necessary and reasonable expenses to the Assured consequent upon accidents or illness within the scope of insurance, but not exceeding the insured amount specified in the Policy including:

  1. Expenses for ambulance service and medical expenses during the period of treatment in Vietnam.
  2. Board and room changes in hospital during the period of treatment in Vietnam at the rate of 0.2% of the insured amount per day.
  3. Expenses for the Assured's repatriation in case of not treating in Vietnam, such expenses include:
  • Hire cost of ambulance car to the airport for homeward journey.
  • Costs for additional seat, accompanied medical appliances and medicines (in case of emergency).
  • Hotel and travel expenses for an attendant as necessitated to care for the Assured when repatriating at the request of the director of hospital where the Assured being treated due to dread state of wound or illness.
  1. Should the Assured die from causes not related to the accident, Assurance shall only pay expenses for inhumation or cremation in Vietnam or homeward transportation expenses for the Assured's corpse and baggage.

Article 6 Should the Assured die or sustain permanent total disablement within 180 days from the date of occurrence of the covered accident due to direct consequence thereof, Assurance shall pay the balance between the insured amount specified in the Policy and the sum which has been paid beforehand.

Article 7 Assurance shall indemnity the Assured for loss of or damage to baggage and personal effects within the scope of insurance in accordance with the following provisions, but not exceeding the insured amount of baggage and personal effects specified in the Policy.

  1. In case of loss of or damage to things according to the Assured's declaration, Assurance shall consider and make settlement of the indemnity in accordance with its actual value at the time of loss or damage on the basis of the price of a new thing likewise in the Seller's country at the time of payment of the indemnity.
  2. In case of slight damage to thing, if such thing can be used after being repaired or replaced by spare-parts, Assurance shall pay expenses for such repair or such replacement in Vietnam. In case the repair or replacement cannot be made in Vietnam, Assurance shall indemnity in accordance with the proportion of loss.
  3. The limit of indemnity for any item stated in the list of baggage and personal effects is 20% of the insured amount of baggage and personal effects specified in the Policy. A pair or set of anything shall be considered as one item.
  4. In case of baggage or personal effect lost, if after receipt of the indemnity from Assurance such baggage and personal effects are found, the Assured is entitled to retain them and return the indemnity to Assurance If the Assured does not retain this property within 30 days from the date of receiving Assurance's notice, Assurance has the right to take over thereof for purpose of recovering the amount of indemnity which has been paid.

Article 8 when the covered risk occurs, the Assured or his representative is required to:

  1. Give notice thereof to the nearest office of Assurance or his hotel or the travel agency within 24 hours.
  2. Implement all instructions of Assurance, his hotel or the travel agency.

Article 9 when requesting the payment of medical expenses, repatriation expenses, the doctor appointed by Assurance shall be given permission to have the Assured's health examined at any time when required.

In case of loss of or damage to baggage and personal effects, the Assured shall be liable to prevent and minimize loss to the lowest extent.

Article 10      the insured amount shall be paid to the Assured or person who is given authorization by the Assured. Should the Assured die, the legal heir shall be permitted to receive such amount.

Article 11      when proposing the payment of the insured amount, the Assured or his representative or his legal heir shall furnish to Assurance, within 10 days from the date on which the Assured leaves hospital in Vietnam or dies (but not exceeding one year from the date of occurrence of the covered risk) or sustains loss of or damage to baggage the following documents.

  1. Proposal for payment of the insured amount and address in full.
  2. Policy
  3. Necessary documents below relating to the case of requesting the payment of the insured amount.
  1. In case of loss of life caused by accident or illness:
  • Accident Report in circumstance of death or bodily injury.
  • Medical treatment certificate issued by medical service.
  • Receipts for payment of medical expenses, repatriation expenses and others.
  • Death Certificate and Certificate for legal heir (in case of death).
  1. In case of loss of or damage to baggage or personal effects:
  • Documents to prove the extent of loss of or damage to baggage and personal effects.
  • Report on loss of package of baggage issued by the carrier and baggage ticket.
  • Declaration of the value of property damaged in details.
  • Declaration of the custom for entry into Vietnam. In which baggage and property carried to Vietnam are stated clearly (in case the Assured has to fill the customs formalities).
  • Repair or replacement invoices.
  1. Other document concerned at request of Assurance
  • In case the Assured authorize another to receive the insured amount, a letter of attorney shall be supplemented.

Article 12      where there are signs showing the unfaithfulness on the part of the Assured or his heir in the implementation of these Regulations, Assurance shall have the rights to refuse the payment of the insured amount partly or wholly according to the extend of infringement.

Article 13      the Assured is obliged on receipt of the indemnity for loss of or damage to baggage and personal effects to transfer the rights of claim against Third Party (if any) to Assurance in respect of the amount of indemnity which has been paid and to give all facilities to Assurance for exercising such rights.

Article 14      The Assured's or his legal heir's rights of claim against Assurance  in respect of the payment of the insured amount shall cease to operate after the lapse of one year from the date of receipt of the result notice in settlement of the insured amount from Assurance


Article 15      Any dispute in connection with these Regulations which cannot be settled by negotiation between the parties concerned shall be referred to the Court of province or city of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for decision.

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